....aaaaand we're back.

sort of. sporadically. oh the tales i have to tell about helping to cater events here in town. events with hundreds of people. intimate events with only a few couples. bacon wrapped almond stuffed dates with maple zabligon and fried chicken 'n fixin's made in a garage. but those tales will have to wait. so many new exciting things* have happened that i look forward to sharing but people, i am TIRED. bone tired. i have been on my feet for 12 hrs straight, cooking, prepping, chopping and frying over at my friend J's new restaurant the electric burrito ( sorry i am too lazy to even make the link. today was the opening day and it was utter madness. in a town with one pizza hut, one subway and one breadeaux pizza it is something of a black sheep. a delicious jalapeno flavored black sheep. mmmmm sheeeeeeep, where was i? yes, tired. exhausted. i will try to take photos and update again in the near future but i'm guessing we'll be slammed again tomorrow. so please, if you are near corning iowa drop by, say hi and order an electric burrito and margarita!

as J says...peace, love & salsa

*other new exciting things involve my first wholesale show in las vegas with my jewelry (see, a huuuuge line up of summer shows, a total amazing new line of work and at least a splash page on my website - what can i say? i am a busy girl!