Return of the ICM!*

It's summer. In Iowa. That means HOT! It also means a search for the best locally produced ice cream. It is still the ICM's goal to make it to Le Mars, Iowa and eat...I mean check out the Ice Cream Museum. For realsies. But for now we'll have to be satisfied with tastings a little closer to home.

On the list? Moo Roo (they raise cows and wallabies, is Iowa not trippy?) in Waterloo. Heyn's and Whitey's in Iowa City. And Wilton Candy Kitchen (one hundred and fifty years...and counting! the oldest continuing ice cream parlor in the US) in Wilton, IA.

This week we happen to be near Prairie City. Goldie's has been mentioned quite a few times in conjunction with the phrase 'excellent ice cream'. We passed it on the way to IL last time but didn't stop.
(unprepossessing small town cafe...a totally hidden gem)

Oh man, I wish we had! The butterscotch fuzzi-mom and I tried last week was AMAZING!!! Not too cloyingly sweet, subtle rich burnt sugar flavor and a 'small' cone that can easily satisfy two. Not surprisingly, I dragged my brother and his friend, Nikhil, back this week when I heard the featured flavor was papaya.
(Heh, Nikhil ordered a large. Guess he missed hearing me say how big the small was.)

Next week? Kiwi. How I missed pear and cranberry I'll never know. But I now have a flavor forecast through the end of the year. And trust you me, we'll be headed back several times. My current pick for favorite Iowa ice cream. Now all it needs is eyeballs ;)

Goldie's Ice Cream Shoppe
304 West 2nd Street
Prairie City, Iowa 50228