Au Revoir Switzerland...Hello Iowa!

After my lovely trip to Interlaken with Mr. X it was time to go. Mom came the next day to visit and help me carry a kitty home, but I duped her into helping me sell off or pack all of my belongings. I don't know if you've ever left a place you'd come to love but it is so difficult. I was incapacitated by tears at almost every turn and everything became a 'last'. Last drink with friends, last fondue, last visit to the Globus.... We finished just under the wire (we celebrated),

the regie came the morning we left and ok'd the place, we rushed for the airport to make the earlier flight. Gizmo, whacked out on kitty drugs, bit me hard enough to make me bleed in the taxi, the turbulence between Geneva and Zurich was terrifying. The pilot missed our landing and your humble narrator almost became a runway pancake. Shudder. Then we had to do it all again to Chicago, another harrowing tale. Suffice it to say, we made it home in one battered but sound piece.

After a short respite at home, I packed my newly purchased old car and headed off to make my fortune...wait, face my future? anyhow headed off to my new locale. I think you might all like it. Far different from Geneva but special and stunning in it's own way. I'm on the search for foodies, so if you know of any in SW Iowa or surrounding areas, please, don't hesitate to contact me.