Kiriel, of The Papillon Pantry, nailed it again! This pineapple bleu cheese soup is fantastic and totally 'fall-like', a perfect blend of sweet and savory. Like a liquid version of my bleu cheese and pear puffs with balsamic reduction syrup (recipe to of these days).

I used my much loved Maytag Blue Cheese (mmmm Maytag Burgers) - that fuzzi-mom and I picked up at the Winter Farmer's Market - but I think it might have been a touch too strong. Next time I'll look for something a little less sharply flavored. Otherwise, the soup was smooth and flavorful. Kudos to Kiriel!

Pineapple and blue cheese soup
Re-post of Original Recipe by Kiriel of The Papillon Pantry

2 small onions
30g butter
60g blue cheese
480g pineapple (I was in a pinch so used drained pineapple in natural syrup)
2 cups chicken stock

Dice the onions finely and sweat in the butter until they go clear. Chop the pineapple into pieces (if using fresh pineapple make sure you remove the hard core) and add to the butter. Sweat until the pineapple has absorbed the butter and softened.

Blend the pineapple in a food processor or blender. Add the chicken stock and return to the pan. Simmer for about half an hour to give the pineapple more time to soften. Crumble in the blue cheese and remove from the heat. Stir to blend the cheese in but don't over stir - you want to discover lovely little nuggets of cheese as you eat.


Is this Heaven?

No, it's Target!
Yes, Target is carrying America's new 'IT' dessert. And I have to tell you, I was kinda thrilled to see them there. After being back in the States for almost 3 years I've missed all of my little European treats.

According to NPR's All Things Considered,, and the Times of London this sweet little French confection will soon be toppling cupcakes from the top of the trendy treats tower. And the Times is not shy to tell you why this is a blow to macaron enthusiasts everywhere.

I've been to Paris. I've had macarons from the Master (Pierre Herme). I can see where the Times is coming from....they state that Starbucks, Whole Foods, Trader Joe's (I didn't see them at Des Moines' newly opened venue) and even McDonald's in Paris (a McAroon if you will) are carrying them. In an effort to fight back mediocrity in the sweet treat department Pierre Herme will be releasing a cook book entailing his 30 years of creativity and techniques. What do you think? Will you go out and try to make them for yourselves? Or go grab some at your local Tar-zhay?