Summer by Guiseppe Arcimboldo
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On today's menus is a big thank you to Mr. Jonathon Nix of Waltham Mass. for letting me use his painting of a xxxxx (to be disclosed later, see update below) on my title bar. (This will be added as soon as I figure out how to do so! Look forward to it, it's real purdy. In fact, expect a complete aesthetic overhaul in the near future.)

Mr. Nix does scrumptious sculptures and totally toothsome paintings, be sure to peruse his peachy paeans to produce here. Don't forget to peek at the myriad of other mediums he masters in as well. To keep him in good company let me also mention worth searching for the transcendant pepper photos done by Edward Weston, the intriguing vegetable portraits by Giuseppe Archimboldo and the amusing illustrations by Greg Brown.

*UPDATE* May 7, 2006 I am finally getting the hang of this 'blogger' thing and thanks to my future webmaster (, coming soon) Laurent, we now have the image appearing in the title bar. w00t. Thanks Larry! And another thanks to Mr. Nix for the truly awesome and vibrantly alive painting of a Kiwano, better known as a horned (not horny) melon. I am still however working on the graphics and layout of the page in general though. Will keep you all updated as I go.

your hostess with the mostest - Rai

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