Continuing my culinary foray into Eaux Vives, I followed my nose to Chex. Chex is the brainchild of chef Gavin Clutterbuck. info on chex..... history, current program, etc. (coming soon)

On this Saturday Mark Butcher, one of WRG's on air personalities, had just returned from travelling through Asia. To welcome him home and introduce the community at large to Chex's new location chef Gavin hosted an 'open house' and invited in friends, former participants, and welcomed random people off the street who were lured by the siren scent of exotic spices. We were able to watch him demonstrate how to prepare several Malaysian dishes and afterwards sample the fruits (and curries and satays, oh my!) of his labors. It was a very enjoyable afternoon and as nice as it was watching a professional tying helpless fish in intricate banana leaf casings, I itch to don one of the aprons and have a go at one of the courses myself. Any one interested an afternoon course? Leave me feedback.

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