I'm Lovin' It

McDonald's video game says "People live fast and want to eat quickly. Fast food restaurants are the cathedrals of our age and everything must be efficient and optimized."

Do you have what it takes to manage a multibillion dollar fast food franchaise? You control everything from the cow welfare and crop management/rainforest razing in South America to the local burger flippin wage monkeys to the marketing that lures the sheep, I mean consumers, in.

Sure there are nasty unsavoury things such as hormones, genetically engineered feed, mad cow epidemics and convinient industrial waste laced products. But as the big boys say, "This could have some risk to consumer health , but make no mistake: in love and war everything is licit."


Anonymous said...

Have you tried playing this game? It's not easy.

your cousin:) I'm a girl... said...

hehe how can i play the game?

rai said...

:) Is this like 20 questions?

1) i haven't tried playing yet. still backlogged on blogs! and
2) hi cousin ;) to play just click on the words in purple, it's a direct link to the game. hugs.

Now, where are the other 18?

macay said...

I think I might want to play it, just to see that poor sick cow. (yes, I know I'm morbid.)