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A Nice Tea of Pot

Generally while waiting in a train station and attempting to buy edibles out of a vending machine one's choices are rather limited and infinitely cliché. But not today, mes amis! I found a product both local AND exotic, C*Ice. An iced tea flavored with cannabis that promises 'Fantastic Natural Feeling', despite it's containing only 5% syrup with hemp (sativa flower?) flavor and 0.015 g/L of cannabis extract ( THC...don't know) in a 250mL container. Which, if we do the maths (AGH! MATHS!) is...shoot, I was an art school grad not liberal art! It equals out to 0.0015%, let's just say that, ok?

Stylishly designed with plenty of dancing little pot leaves on a bright background to attract and entice tie dye wearing, dreadlock totting, phish following, grateful dead listening neo-hippies. Even stoned you can't miss this in the vending machine calling out it's siren song.

Sadly, many of the bottled teas in Europe are choose-your-own-deity-awful. In fact, I have rechristened the most popular one on offer....

It is just THAT bad. Unfortunately for us, cannabis tea doesn't fare much better. It has the typical 'bottled tea' flavor with the 'added bonus' of an artificial lemon flavor and smoky marijuana-like aftertaste. Generally when smoking, liquids are used to quench your cottonmouth, not as another form of ingesting not yet legalized substances. (Not that I would know, never having tried anything like that...Hi Mom!)

Survey Says: Save your Suisse centime, it's no Arizona or Honest Tea. Better yet, Barry drop your bong and brew a pot of sun tea. Or, if you prefer to have a visual approximation of real 'pot tea' try brewing up a large glass full of loose Gunpowder tea with fresh mint leaves still on the stem.
Herbalicious man!


Rossini Bar Rossi said...

A great article, well written.

I think it is a travesty of justice that companies continue to bring out tacky products like this which really distract us from the true realities of British Empire pioneered tea.

Well I think we should all sit down and have a nice cup of tea now, and some biscuits, nice ones mind you. Oh and some cake would be nice as well. Lovely.

rai said...

Golf claps all around. And lots not forget our clotted cream and crumpets! :)

ken said...

Maybe that tea was designed to wash down the German Pot Chocolate I indulged in when I visited you. Imagine eating a bland generic rice cereal mom is always buying wrapped in crappier generic chocolate, but not as good. And without the benefit of feeling anything "special".