Rice Krispie Treats...OF DOOM!!!!

My very first boyfriend ever once imparted a piece of wisdom that I follow to this day. Now, keep in mind, we were both 15 or so, our wisdom was all encompassing then, and that wisdom is a relative thing, no? He shared with me the 'Of Doom!!!' and 'Surprise!' school of thought. Any food can be made instantly funner with the addition of one of those two phrases at the end of it. The food either ends up sounding spooky or just downright scary depending on what feeling you are going for.

Example - fear the Rice Krispie Treats OF DOOM!!! but be wary of Tuna Surprise! Try it out at your next formal dinner and just try not to crack a grin. Better yet, next time you are at a new restaurant and bored while waiting for your food you could add a sticky note commentary on the menu. The possibilities are endless!


Garrett said...

Snaps. I dig the R-K-o'Doom! BTW, that ugly fruit is a mangosteen and totally nasty on it's own. Buuuut, great on porchops season with pepper and garlic. Odd, no?

Dig your blog, btw!

gir said...

These rice krispie treats make me want to sing the doom song now! doom doom doom doom doom dooom doom...dooom doom DOOOOM. doodoodooo d-doom doomy doomy doomy doom doom doom de doom de doom doooooom dooom doomdoomdoOOM! The End!

Courtney said...

Can doom = amusement?

oh my yes. haha

rai said...

garrett - i know it's a horned melon...but ugly fruit isn't really. what irony. i tried eatting one once and was incredibly disappointed. so then i stuck that sucker in some algenate, made a plaster model and tried to electroform it. somehow it's just not as cool without the vivid colors. and thanks! yours is pretty spiffy, i mean shibby, too. ;)

gir - I LOVED YOU PIG, I LOVED YOU. can i be a mongoose weasel?

courtney - doom is always fun, til someone pokes an eyeout. then it's dinner ;-p ewww, i think i just made MYSELF ill with that image....then again, have you read Kitchen Confidential? When Bourdain starts talking about sucking fish eyes out? i'll just leave you with that charming mental image...enjoy breakfast *evil grin*