Chocolate Covered...wait for it....Pie

Speaking of citrusy....I just tried the Cadbury Lemon Cheesecake bar that Morven sent. Now, call me strange but I have NEVER EVER sat down...had a piece of lemon pie...and thought to myself....gosh, this would be sooo much better if it were just smothered in chocolate! (update Jan. 23 - I'm wrong. Frozen chocolate covered cheesecake on a stick is far far superior to the unchocolate covered kind. We don't want none of those 'naked pie' kinds 'round these here parts!) I admit to being a first class chocoholic. And I have absolutely NO reservations whatsoever about fruit/chocolate pairings (IE- godiva raspberry chocolate bars, banana bread with chocolate chips, chocolate dipped strawberries, et al) but I think this might be my limit. I think perhaps Cadbury got a wee bit confused. Lemon and WHITE chocolate is a common pairing, but milk chocolate and lemon is a new one on me. Not completely repulsive but not on my list of things to buy again anytime soon. That said, I will probably finish it anyhow ;) What? I told you I am a chocoholic!

And now to go try another New Zealandais chocolate bar...

...the Moro Gold Cadbury bar is much much much better (more new zealanders sending me these? pleeeease? like brejk bars from Sweden they are!!!). Like the tasty bastard offspring of a Twix bar and a Milky Way (or a Mars for all of you Europeans). Mmmmm milk chocolaty offspring...wonder if I eat enough chocolate if one day I too will have chocolate covered offspring. All the better to nibble on their little toes with! Mwhahahahaha.

[pictures updated Feb.3,2007]


rami james said...

Good lord if anything ever needed a photo it's THIS!

Soooo.. how was the spiked din din?

rai said...

what, a photo of the chocolate covered offspring? not for awhile yet!!! ;-p but i do have some candy photos on the way. soon as i find that damn card reader the kitties hid!

the dinner was amazing!!! still woozy. post on it as soon as i see one screen instead of two!

Morven said...

I'm rather fond of these myself. Cadbury also make a snack size version of their Moro Gold. I'm sure a mutual trade could be arranged if you desire Moro um... more!