Extra! Extra! Jersey Dairy Delivers!

There was good news for the Geneva branch of the International Ice-Cream Council today, as Jersey Ice Cream announced that a shipment had been successfully transferred from the tiny Island to Switzerland.

Speaking late last night Ross Belhomme, 24, a spokesman for the Company chortled, "We have successfully transported a carton of authentic banoffee* Jersey Ice-Cream to the Alpine state. The Ice-Cream, which is made using the finest milk from the finest Jersey cows, for that authentic creamy flavour long associated with Jersey Ice Cream, seems to have held up ok and
we hope the defreeze was limited by the cold temperatures experienced during flights"

Belhomme, clearly wishing to milk the situation, further blurted "we hope that this delivery will improve relations with our continental based cousins, and feel this is a strong example of the synergys created by our record investment in Ice-Cream Mobility Solutions.." (Ed - read Airplane)

A spokesman from the Iowa based Ice-Cream Review Select Sub Committee merely commented that the news was "delightful".


The IceCreamMonster is pleased and greedy enough to solicit other ice cream samples from around the world. A 'Best Ice Cream Ever' list is to come.

*For those of you nonBrits and nonAussies, banoffee is a mix of banana and toffee flavors found primarily in candies and sweets in other English-speaking countries.

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