Keeping my Finger in the Pot...Not Literally, That's Gross

Today pulled a shift over at Electric Burrito. It's been months and I forgot how hectic and crazy things can get in a kitchen. 20 orders in an hour is an awful lot for the inexperienced (read: me). It was nice to stick my fingers back into the cooking game. I've missed it.

The next week will be food oriented as well. Marty is catering the Corning All-Grad banquet for Homecoming. Over 150 guests are expected and in addition to teaching RiNGS classes on Friday and Saturday at the gallery, I will be helping prepare food late Friday night and serving the catered small(-ish) Class of '68 lakeside bbq Saturday night. All before whisking off to Altoona Sunday for a private RiNGS class. What can I say? I am a gal on the go ;)

If you happen to be in the SW Iowa area this weekend feel free to stop by, say hi, grab some amazing food and learn how to make a silver ring. Not a bad weekend plan eh?

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Kiriel du Papillon said...

Wow... no rest for the wicked.