FoodVentures : Mentos

The Freshmaker gets Fruity(er)

Doo Doo Doo Doooo Doo Doo DooWaaaaaa!!! Mentos has gotten a facelift...well, not really. The packaging is the same, more or less. I guess you could say they've gone all new age on us by changing what's iiinside maaaan. Groovy, no? It appears Mentos is trying to get down with the homies these days (that's what the kids are still saying, right? Dope, yo!) Behold, three new flavors to tempt your tastebuds with...or will they?

Pomme Vert (green apple) - These reminded me quite a bit of those weensy green boxes of Applehead candies we'd love and loathe having in elementry school. Super sour and slightly squishy outside melting to expose the sweet sweet pearl of a hard apple candy inside. Except that Mentos version is much more homogenous in both texture and flavor variation.

Strawberry Yoghurt (self evident) - Sqyd's favorite of the lot but after eating her first one the investment-return ratio dropped severly. In normal people-talk: first one yummy, second one eh, third one urp. How do they differ from Mentos current strawberry offering? It's the yogurt, people, the yogurt.

Pamplemousse Rose (pink grapefruit) - Imagine if you will, Chuck Norris. In a pink robe and curlers. Sipping something with an umbrella in it and having a citrus foot scrub (hah, now just TRY to get that image OUT of your head!) If Chuckie were to round house kick you in the mouth after his pedicure it might be something like this Mentos. Or it might be nothing like that. I just like imagining Chuck prettying himself up real nice before kicking bad guys' asses. What can I say? We all have our own little quirks. (Semi-off topic question, is the singular of Mentos still Mentos or is it a Mento? Hrmmm. Deep pondering must be done.) My initial reaction was "BLECH!!!...Want one?" It catches you unaware with a huuuuge burst of flavor followed by a milder gentler Chuck...I mean flavor. Novel but not my Mento of choice.

Survey Says: A truly tepid, meh. Quite frankly Mentos should stick to what they do best...cheesy as hell 70s style commercials with super catchy jingles (mmm FooFighters video) and leave funky flavored fruity chews to Jelly Belly. But you get an A for effort, Mentos.


Anonymous said...

Give me mint!!

rai said...

or regular strawberry :)

EBROWN said...

rai, i adore you. you probably know by now that the quickest way to my heart is with Mentos, and a whole lot of them at that. well, i'm sure the absolute quickest way of getting to my heart would be much more painful and bloody, but i give you major props for banking on the diabetic having a sweet tooth. way to recognize the validity of a health-related stereotype. stay fresh.