new AND improved

If I've never seen it chances are that I will buy it and try it. Any and everything from white chocolate kitkats and inside out reese's peanut butter cups to hot dog flavored cheetos from Asia (no, really.) I blame or thank, depending on how you look at it, this habit on my grandma. She would troll the grocery stores for treasures before we would visit. My brother and I would arrive and be greeted by things like hubba bubba bubble gum soda and rice krispie treat cereal. My grandma was like a particularly food obsessed Indiana Jones (and the Supermarket of Doom?) She rocked.

That said, I would like to introduce a new segment on UglyFruit in her memory and spirit of adventure. I plan to do tastebud- jerk reviews of all of my impulse purchases. I like to think of them as mini food adventures. Therefore, let me present to you, my intreped readers, Food-ventures. Enjoy.

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