Calling all Iowans!

I am restraining myself from making hog calling jokes, at my state's expense of course. Anyhow, I am looking for up to 5 brave souls (and their corporeal selves) to visit state fair one day with me and graze our way through it. All snacks/meals will be deconstructed and observations posted on here later. Must have cast iron belly, ability to withstand humidity and heat sans complaint, a good pair of walking shoes, and the ability to articulate an opinion. If you are a motivated individual please apply below. No fear of food on sticks, please.


Corey said...

I would like to apply for this honor.

Belly: Cast Iron
Ability to withstand heat and humidity sans complaint: Iowa Boy
Walking Shoes (2): Good
Opinion Articulation: Unparalleled
Fear of food on sticks: Nonexistent

Sir P.G. Tips said...

I would, of course, have been delighted to join you on such an adventure. However I am still stuck in Continental Europe, with it poor tea and lack of fine biscuits or cake. Have a lovely time.

chico rico said...

good luck. i'll volunteer to tag along. maybe i can be the designated pork-tester. there are some truly spectacular porkchops "on a stick" that you really must review. other than the pork, i'm not too interested.

Lia said...

If we had been friends before I would gladly have volunteered for such a mission. However, you continuously shunned my advances, and so I did not know about your blog. Lucky for all of us, I know about it now. And I have lots of free time to write in.

rai said...

good thing ken erock and i dragged you along anyhow no? and i had to shun (continuous?) said advances...i have a quota of how many friends i can hang out with who get hit on more often than me and it's totally exceeded ;-p