FoodVentures : Pepsi Gold

Go For the Goal'd

(This was written a while back and updated to celebrate the ending of Le Coupe du Monde. Throughout the year Plainpalais (the big diamond in the photo below) is host to many events, several circuses, antique fairs, luna parks and more. For over a month now it has been full of honking cheering yobs twice daily for the games. I am all for team spirit, but I am even more for being able to sleep at a decent hour. So here's to getting my backyard back.

Better than a head-butt to the chest? That is the question we hope to answer with today's tasting. Can YOU taste the Victory? Oh yes, I can. And it tastes like yellow dye #5. Europe has a bad case of football, I mean soccer, let's just call it the World Cup fever. And the Evil Empires aren't afraid to cash in on it with limited edition offers (much like Super Bowl commercials, long awaited but do they really pay off?) Yes, MacDo, I am calling you out on your burger Francaise!

Sqyd, the Duct Tape Goddess and I felt obliged to try it out and report to you, good readers. Not much to say. It's rather 'yellow' flavored, much like many popsicles are 'red' flavored, and fizzy. No hint of cola, like a slightly older beer swilling sports obsessed sibling to the unforgettable Crystal Pepsi brought out back in 1993. You remember Crystal Pepsi, right? RIGHT?! However, you can certainly see by the golden plastic container that this drink is for 'Winners' only. You want to be a winner, don't you???

Survey says: Like a penalty kick ricocheting off the top of the goal, this drink misses it's mark. Thank goodness for limited editions (like Cappuccino Pepsi and Holiday Spice Pepsi, shudder.)


Fabio Cannavaro said...

I commend another well written article.

Before the start of the world
cup I myself tried this, the latest product endorsed by everyones faviourite sport star
David Beckham.

Falling for the age old marketing tactic of having the product placed right at the point of sale terminal, I found myself placing one of these strangely coloured bottles in my shopping basket along with all the other items that I did not really need but picked up anyway, next to the pint of milk which was the only reason I resolved to go into this mine field of over-marketed products.

Once out of the store, I quickly opened the bottle, and let the liquid (which was not in fact gold - its just the colour of the bottle)invade my body.

I should have guessed this was going to be dissapoiting, just like a David Beckham captained England team in an international football tournament. I wont describe the taste but I was not impressed.

Luckily, I captained Italy to the world cup victory in the final on sunday (despite that pesky Frenchy
Zidane head butting my boyfriend Marco Materrazzi) so this helped to relieve the dissapointment
of this drink.

rico said...

i still have an unopened can of Crystal Pepsi. care to share it with me when you're back in the States? we can have a special colorless toast .. to friendship!

rai said...

Fabio- Congrats on your win ;) Too bad England lost out quite so early huh?

Rico- Awesome possum! You're on. Maybe we can dig up some bugels and cheeze...or frozen fish finger dinner to go with it...or would glass noodles be more appropriate. hrmmmm. Ponder on that. But the reeeeal question is do you have any Orbitz?

ken said...

I deeply appreciate that someone else on this planet remembers Orbitz! I thought I was the only one left, that maybe I had just dreamt the whole few glorious months it was on the market. Also, at least you didn't get suckered in to paying nearly twice as much for a Coca-Cola in football shaped bottle...or blue and white Rocklets (cheap M&M rip-offs)