Home on the Strange

Hello my little bloglings. Did you miss me? I am sorry for the huge gap between posts but I was back visiting my family and friends in the States for the past few weeks. (Sept. 18 editor's note - instead of backtracking with future blog posts I have just filled them in on their appropriate past date. Sorry for the confusion...this post is a bit incongruous now. Make sure to backread the Ugly Fruit issues. Thanks.)

Home, where even the livestock love their desserts. And is it just me or is this first image a bit subversive? And the second one almost a visual pun? Hmm, must have been the heat.

This is not an IceCream Monster.

Fairs were attended. Things on sticks were consumed. As was a fine fine dinner before we saw a 'rock show' and a fancy dessert was made. Oh yes, there will be posts, including one with a recipe. Gasp, shock! I know, but it's amazing what central A/C, counter space, and a well equipped kitchen (and helpful sous-chefs, hi Mom! Hi Ductape Goddess!) will do towards increasing one's desire to bake in mid August heatwaves and humidity. Enjoy!

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Anonymous said...

Can't wait to hear the revue of the restaurant! And the recipe we used for the dessert was amazing. We eat a lot more interesting foods when you're home visiting - too bad it's so infrequently.

The little ol' sous-chef,