Mama Max's Mushroom Delight

As my few faithful readers know I am dreadfully behind on a number of posts. WHICH WILL BE UPDATED, I TELL YOU. But I felt it necessary to share this dish with the world. Immediately. Yesterday, even.

Last week my friend, Mama Max, was visiting from Milan. It was a spur of the moment decision. On Tuesday I got a call and he announced that after my having lived in Geneva for almost two years, it was time to visit. 'Ok, when?'', I asked innocently. 'Thursday' was the surprising response. So after a whirlwind cleaning of the apartment a bedraggled Italian appeared on my doorstep. As we jetted off to a bbq in France (all 20 minutes away) he regaled me with visions of meals to come.

You must understand, Max is a Rocker. I had attended one of his concerts while living in Milan at a 'Rock Horror Cafe' if that says anything. When I first met him the boy couldn't cook beans, I mean, pasta (however he did introduce me to the miracle that is Agroturismo). But now he was spouting on about delicate cream sauces and wines to pair with the meals. To me, this firmly puts Max in the Gruffy Apron* category. And damn, can the boy cook. After having this dish last week I felt compelled to try recreating it last night for a dinner I was giving, to rave reviews and absolutely no leftovers. So, without further ado.....

Mama Max's Mushroom Delight

But first...A quick disclaimer...When Max made this dish, and I assisted, everything was eyeballed and guessed at. When I made this last night I went about in the same manner and crossed my fingers. Now, I am fairly certain that this can't go too awry no matter how you do it. So feel free to scale up or down and tweak the ingredients to your tastes. The following recipe uses 1 pot and two pans (one with lid!) and makes generous portions for two. I give you....

Mama Max's Mushroom Delight

Porcini mushrooms/bolets
butter - about 1-2 Tbsp.
red wine - enough to cover mushrooms and then some
cream - to lighten and dilute the wine
1/2 cube of chicken or mushroom stock
fresh parsley

In the pan without a lid, melt butter, add mushrooms and lightly saute. Add wine, cream, stock, and parsley. Let simmer.

Chicken - 2 breasts cut into bite sized pieces
1/2 cube of chicken stock
milk - enough to cover the chicken
butter - 2 or more Tbsp.
3 garlic cloves peeled and cut in half

At the same time, melt butter in the pan with the lid add garlic and cook til fragrant. Add the chicken and cook until done, remove garlic. Add milk and chicken stock. Cover with lid and let cook.

Fusilli pasta - 1/2 bag

Meanwhile, cook pasta according to the directions on the bad. Drain. Add the mushroom dish to the large chicken pan. Then the pasta. On low low heat add freshly grated Parmesan until the sauce thickens. No need to add salt or pepper or superfluous spices. Enjoy.

*Gruffy Apron is a phrase coined by my partner in crime, you know who you are. Picture one of Hell's Angels. Now, imagine that after biking around all day and generally being a bad ass he goes home, dons a frilly apron and bakes cookies. THAT is a Gruffy Apron.


ken said...

Hehe, you should definitely post a picture of Mama Max in a pink apron...that is, if you have any.

rai said...

Funny that, but I DO have one...Now, if I could just find it!!!