FoodVentures : Hot Dog Cheetos

...Or at least that's what I hope the little food icon means! I found this gem in the Bambou Store, an asian grocery store behind the train station, quite some time ago. Honestly, despite how intrepid I am (or like to think I am) I confess that I've been hesitating to try these for much longer than I normally would. Turns out I was justified in my hesitation.

Let me begin by saying that this little red bag gave me the hardest time ever while trying to pry out my bounty. I resorted to scissor usage. After successfully scissoring an opening a smell of what the janitor's used to throw woodchips on in elementary school wafted my way. Not a good sign, but there was a toy in the bottom in the bag, so I had a goal to work towards.

At first bite, it had the sweet zing of ketchup chips (yes, ketchup chips and they are delicious, thank you very much) with some zippy notes quick on it's heels that MIGHT have been mustard-like in nature and leaves you with the taste of freeze dried peas on your tongue. I guess if we use our imaginations and strengthen it like Armstrong we MIGHT be able to guess why there's a mini hot dog icon on the package.

Summary : I had to stop after 2. As in, 2 pieces. Guess there's a reason I've never seen these on my regular grocer's shelves. And if this is 'hot dog' flavor in which ever country* these are from, I think I fear hot dogs from there as well.

*Anyone know what language is on the packaging? Thai? Sanskrit? Hindi? Anyone??? Beuller? Beuller?


ken said...

looks like arabic to me...but I might be wrong.

Mark said...

I'm thinking it's Indonesien, were those Kosher flavored?

rai said...

ken - you're wrong. no, i tease, i tease. quite frankly, i still have no idea. and the oriental grocerystore no longer had them when i went back this weekend. go figure ;-p

mark - so VERY not kosher. but i do like the fact that i've discovered the veal saucisson here and can eat it. yay, after 2 years she discovers edible hot dogs! ask me how long it took to discover sliced turkey both here and in italy :(

Anonymous said...

I think the language is Thai. These hotdog-flavored Cheetos are also found in Central and South America, as I saw them in El Salvador when I went awhile back.