Whatsa Strata Witchu?

November's dinner theme was along the lines of layers. The usual suspects were in attendance ( Madame Claudia, Mr.Mike, and Kiriel) as well as a surprised guest diner. We started off with a petite amuse bouche of fresh mozzarella, cherry tomatoes and homemade pesto.

Followed by a novel take on fois gras. Mike lovingly layered slices of cucumber, kiwi and fois gras on a slice of toast surrounded by a bed of roquette bitter enough to balance the rich dish and then topped the whole thing off with a spicy plum sauce he had made.

Let me mention the photo I forgot (it's amazing how easy it is to forget to photograph while you are busy stuffing your face on a fantastic meal) Claudia provided our much need greens with a layered salad and homemade vinaigrette.

For our main course Kiriel surprised us with an innovative take on one of her country's native creatures; a slow cooked kangaroo and polenta terrine. The kangaroo was highlighted by the sweet chili, balsamic, ginger, soy sauce, liquid smoke and worcestershire. I do believe this was a first for the rest of us, not many kangaroos round these here parts. A delicious first, if I may add. :) The adorable cuddly kangaroo is also pretty tasty.

Both Kiriel and I made variations on a theme for a potato side dish. Hers was a more European gratin and mine was a Swedish sardine-less Jansson's Frestelse.

And last but not least, dessert. Made with The Best Frosting Ever were individually sized chocolate layer cakes.

A great way to wrap up November. As December is a hectic and most crazy month we'll be taking a short hiatus but we'll be back in the kitchen and dining room again in January. The theme has been chosen and if you are in the Geneva neighborhood I invite you to join us. Just drop me a line.

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