Eye Candy

Admittedly, these are cookies, not candy. But just LOOK at how beauteous they are, I think they deserve the title. All jewel-toned and full of rich silky creamy fillings. Geneva, please welcome La Duree. Maybe I haven't been down Rive in awhile but this was the first time I saw the boutique nestled amongst its ilk nearby.

The inside is like a step back in time. All hushed and reverent. Dark wood display cases showing off goods to their best advantage, dimly lit by a glittering chandelier. I recommend you visit for the ambiance if nothing else.

These edible treasures are presented in an opulent sea foam green box, not unlike a Tiffany's jewel box. A melange of flavors, just an amuse bouche really, three will do nothing to satisfy your rapacious hunger for these light as air delicacies.

Here is a small sampling of Rose, Citron Vert (lime) and Mille et un Nuits (Thousand and one nights, spices from the Far East). The rose was very delicately flavored, the lime a fresh burst of zesty citrus and the Thousand and One Nights brings to mind hidden spice shops in far away locales. I warn you, these macarons may very well be addictive. After perusing the La Duree site, I may have to try one of every flavor at some point. Any partners in crime out there?

La Duree
7, Cours de Rive

Be sure to visit their website and join their club to receive announcements about events at the boutiques and new flavors as well as recipes from their chefs. I know I will.


Anonymous said...

Wow - what a feast for the eye. The question is, what do they taste like?

aka Rachel said...

hmmm...well imagine a meringue cookie. crispy on the outside, slightly sticky and chewy on the inside. light, crispy and fluffy but denser and earthy-er flavored because crushed almonds comprise part of the base. they are sweet but not sickeningly so. yet i wouldn't recommend sitting down with a box of them :) and let's not forget the smooth real cream filling holding the two cookies together. bites of perfection really. i plan to tackle them during my vacation soon. updates then :) cheers

Brilynn said...

I want some! They really are pretty though, almost too pretty to eat, almost.

aka Rachel said...

mmm empanadas. ;) jumbo ones no less!

just follow the tao of cookie monster. see cookie. eat cookie. it's all very formulaic but simple ;)

new zealand and canada?! welcome to you both. here's to uniting the world through cookies.