Box of Kiwi

Yay! It's here!

Is there anything like the feeling of getting a goodie package full of surprises? I think not! Especially when it's full of EDIBLE suprises! This was my first go around at Blogging By Mail, hosted and managed by the always magnificent Stephanie of Dispensing Happiness. I didn't know until today where in the world my package would be coming from. I'm very thrilled to have received a box of Kiwi from Morven in New Zealand.

My box of goodies includes the obligatory Marmite as well as many other tasty things : passionfruit in sweetened syrup, tamarillo chutney, fruits of new zealand (kiwi and feijoas) jam, the neatest kiwi spoon i've ever seen, a cd of Brooke Fraser, a bottle of sauvignon blanc, dukkah nut and spice dip, several type of New Zealander chocolate (lemon cheesecake among them), feng shui green tea (with carrot flakes, pineapple cubes, papaya, lemongrass, sunflower blossoms and raspberry) and a bottle of pohutukawa lotion. With two weeks of winter holiday coming up I think I am very looking forward to nibbling my way through the box. Thank you Morven! And thank you Stephanie for making it happen. Happy Holidays all.


barbie2be said...

ah, Morven sends the best boxes!

aka Rachel said...

hi barbie - spoken like one who knows ;) and i'd have to agree. delicious boxes!