Icy and Sour Soup

It's gotten cold in Geneva. Damn cold. Hence, I bring you a week (if I can manage it) of soups. I admit freely, there will probably not be so many soup photos as soup is a slippery beast (heh) to catch on film, much like the Loch Ness monster.

Tonight was Practically Vegetarian Hot and Sour Soup. Without further ado....

Is that Nessie behind that cilantro leaf? Naahhh.

Practically Vegetarian Hot and Sour Soup
serves two as a starter

4 c. chicken stock (if you want it to be truly vegetarian, use veggie stock...i digress)
1/2 tsp. white sugar
1 tsp. salt (optional)
2 tsp. soy sauce
2 T. red wine vinegar
1 tsp. seasame oil
1 tsp. chili oil (to taste)
premix 4 T. water
2 T. cornstarch

in addition : canned corn, waterchestnuts, tofu, bamboo shoots, shiitake mushrooms, egg, etc.

A very simple soup. Bring your stock to a boil and add ingredients in order listed. At the end feel free to throw in veggies of choice and either solely the egg whites or the whole egg (blended) to form an egg blossoms. While the soup is hot slowly pour in egg mixture with stirring soup with a fork to break up the strands.

I can still feel my lips tingling from dinner. Mmmmm, who needs to suck on icicles?


burekaboy — said...

hey rai, this looks like the bomb. been doing the part time vegetarian for a long time now. will have to try your version. love h & s soup. but who doesn't? did u know the original calls for {gasp} fresh pig's blood to thicken it?!? think i'll stick with cornstarch.

love nessy sailing by in your soup, adds a 'je ne sais pas quoi' to it. lol.

rai said...

Hi B.B.- Thanks. I love me some good chinese food, I think it's embedded in our genetic make up. Much like the 'guilt gene' :) hope you enjoy this soup. Add Nessie adds a delicious 'je ne sais quoi' to the dish. Mmmm, briney!

Anonymous said...

i knew she was real!

rai said...

...and in my hot and sour soup ;)