Speak no EVOO

So, in the last post we learned about Rachael Ray's abbreviation attaining 'dictionary status'. The trivia question I pose to all of my little blog readers (all 5 of you, come on, let's hear from you all!) is what olive oil you recommend. I have tried quite a few from tiny bottled costly ones to industrial sized no-name oils. This is actually a rather important questions cause I use A LOT of olive oil, absurd amounts of olive oil. Brownies in a box call for oil? Why not make it olive oil?!

I kid you not.

Anyhow, if you could please leave comments on a good cooking oil (not too olive-oily tasting and able to be bought in large quantities for a reasonable price) as well as yummy eating olive oils (not too bitter, not too fruity, light and fresh and delicious) I would really really appreciate it. So would my pestos and stir frys and brownies, oh my!


Lydia (The Perfect Pantry) said...

Generally I've found that Greek and Portuguese olive oils can be much less expensive than Italian or Spanish, and quite delicious. I haven't had good luck with California olive oils, except for small artisan produced ones that you probably couldn't get in Switzerland. I don't have particular brands to recommend, but I'm really enjoying the fruity Portuguese olive oil in my pantry right now.

aka Rachel said...

hi lydia - i'll have to make another olive oil run soon. our upscale grocery store has a lot of varieties but they are all in such eensy weensy bottles! actually, might be time for an Ugly Fruit trip to Italy and blog on the findings ;)