Spice Girl...singular

I just came back from spending 18chf on spices at my favorite local spice shop Lyzamir. That's right, 18 smackeroos for things like tamarind paste and matcha and chickpea flour, oh my! This is all in preparation for next week's themed dinner. Are you hungry yet?

*Lyzamir is a shop after my own heart. It reminds me of jam-packed used bookstores and Mike Fink's office at RISD. It is much tastier but equally as magical. With row upon row of spices, like some food bent alchemist, and sacks of grains I've never heard of it is always a delight for the senses. The only hard part is finding time to cook everything you are enticed to make by browsing there.

Lyzamir Alimentation - Specialities Orientales
3 rue des Corps-Saint
1201 Geneve


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