Baby Did a Bad Bad Blog

I have been a bad bad blogger, almost a month sans post. And so close to the first anniversary of Ugly Fruit. And even more, on the eve of a blog conference in Zurich! (more on that soon) I am sorry baby, can you ever forgive me? I have posts to update on two, count 'em, two themed dinners (Spiked! and Aphrodesiac), the trip from Germany, the Chocolate Festival in Paris, my first 'tasting menu' fine dining experience in Chicago, a blind dinner in Basel, and more than one 'meme' Rosa has passed along to me. I hope that this will work to appease the blog gods while I get my act together. And when I do post I will be sure to put up a note indicating the dates to go back to as I want to keep them in chronological order. Now if only I could keep up with all of my foodie experiences!

I still haven't found my jumpdrive and have now managed to lose (with the help of the cats) the cord that I had found that allowed me to update my images. Here are a few previously posted pieces that I have gone back and added photos to....

Chocolate Covered...Wait for it, Pie
Muffins are from Mars
Citrus Rice Dream

And yet all the jumpdrives in the world can't help untimely posts. Sometimes life gets in the way of blogging. Admittedly sometimes I suck about updating. I had hoped I would only have to do this once but it looks like I will have to update in two parts. Here are quite a few events I neglected to write about at the appropriate time. But as they say, better late then never, nu?

July - Paleo
August - Sweet Binney
August - Crepe Cake
August - Lollapalooza
October - Furry Babies (and oh, how right I was!)
November - Turkey Day
November - Layers Dinner

Keep your eyes peeled for future retrospective updates. And thanks for bearing with me.

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