Dread Bitter Pine Nut Syndrome

LinkAaaarghhh! So I've had this nasty bitter taste in my mouth for the past several days. No matter what I eat, no matter how many times I brush/Scope, it's there. Ruining meals and snacks alike. I finally decided to google my symptoms and make sure I didn't have some unusual and deadly disease. The first several listings all pointed to pine nuts as the culprits. Not just any pine nuts....specifically pine nuts from China. I just rushed into the kitchen to check out the country of origin on my Melissa's pine nuts...lo and behold...Cina. Drat. Most of the sites say this phenomenon lasts anywhere from a few days to a few weeks. I think Melissa's might be getting a phone call....

Pine Nuts Left a Bitter Taste in My Mouth
Beware of Pine Nuts from China
Bitter Taste After Eating for Days - Caused by Pine Nuts?
Pine Nut Syndrome


Bryan said...

Rachel, hope you were able to get over "pine mouth" quickly. I hope more people get the news to avoid pine nuts from China - Melissa's definitely needs to hear from all of us.

aka Rachel said...

Hi Bryan - I called Melissa's and they acknowledged the problem (in fact, the guy I spoke with said he won't even try them :s ) and they were kind enough to send me some coupons for their other products. Hope that you've managed to avoid this phenomena!