Bread Wagon

Let me take this opportunity to hop on the bread wagon (what? band wagon you say? noooo, surely you must have heard wrong). The blogger community has been swarming all over the NY Times article about Mr. Lahey's 'No Knead Bread' for quite sometime now. Clothide, David, NotMartha and many more have succumbed to its siren call. As has yours truly. I first attempted this baby for my Layers dinner a few weeks back and gave it another go around this weekend. For very little effort and a whole lotta time you too could be eating this rustic crusty chewy loaf for lunch. Here's the video on how it's done : Bread a 4 yr old could make

Just look at this happy bubbly dough!

A little unorthodox, yes, but I used a rubber spatula to 'fold' the dough. It saved a whole bunch of clean up.

Here is the sacrificial flour covered dishtowel. R.I.P dear little towel, you will be missed.

....Aaaand voila!

There are still some kinks to be worked out (the bottom crust is thicker than the top, although really, I am a 'la mie' girl at heart) plus I need a La Creuset ;) but I foresee many future loaves of this. The variation with rosemary and olives sounds promising. Which leaves us with this thought....what sound DOES bread make anyways?

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Stephanie said...

I've heard that oiled parchment can save the lives of many a kitchen towel!!